Local vineyard says wet summer is impacting this year's wine

Published: Nov. 28, 2018 at 6:01 PM EST
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During the summer, we checked in with a valley vineyard about the impact of all the rain on the grapes. While it was too early to know the full extent, the impacts are now becoming more clear.

CrossKeys Vineyards in Mt. Crawford says it's now finishing the fermentation process and getting to know the wines as they develop. They say the weather will have an impact on the flavor of this vintage, but every year's weather is different and makes each vintage unique.

It's not just here in the valley; vineyards across the commonwealth are feeling the impacts.

"Everyone has the same attitude about how the grapes went this year," said Steve Monson, vineyard manager. "I think some people found quality, some people were able to get off before the rain really had a big impact, but I think a lot of vineyards also saw a lot of shortages, the same reduced volumes that we have."

He says this is one of the toughest years he's seen in up to two decades. Monson says they have a reduction in wine after losing so many grapes.

About half of the grapes were harvested before seeing any major impacts, he says, but the effects vary from wine to wine. According to Monson, some varieties are down between 10 to 20 percent, while the Cabernet Sauvignon is reduced this year by about 50 percent.

The weather makes the wine unique every year, but Monson says this year is very different.

"That's something that we're always proud of and bragging about in Virginia is that you get to taste time and place in our wines," Monson said. "It's not the same thing year over year. Now sometimes in a vintage like this it comes back to bite you a little bit because you'll really be able to taste that this will be a 2018 wine."

He says they're focusing on quality instead of quantity this year, and while they believe the wine will be a great product, there won't be as much of it.