Luray Zoo animals take shelter during recent frigid nights

LURAY, Va. (WHSV) — Even animals that are built for the frigid temperatures are feeling a bit cold lately.

Kilby said the zoo's tiger could possibly handle temperatures of about 30 degrees below zero.

Mark Kilby, owner of the Luray Zoo, said all of the zoo's animals who are still outside are built for colder temperatures. They have enclosures that are heated where they have fresh water available.

The zoo has to keep water for animals in their heated enclosures because, otherwise, the water freezes.

Kilby said the zoo's tiger has one of the highest tolerances for cold. But even at night recently, it has just been too frigid.

"At night, it got down to five degrees here. Everything at night goes inside," Kilby said. "And I noticed even the tiger wasn't very active outside that one particular night. She was in her den the whole night."

Kilby said some of the animals like snow because of the opportunity to play in it.