MBU gets record number of applications for fall 2018

Published: Mar. 2, 2018 at 7:18 PM EST
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Mary Baldwin University has its pick of students for fall 2018 after a record high number of applications came in to the university.

The university received more than 6,000 applications for the fall, doubling the number of applications they received last year.

Since becoming a co-ed residential university, Mary Baldwin's Provost Ty Buckman said they have seen an increase in applicants.

Buckman said last summer, the university started to modify their marketing strategy in order to show prospective students what they have to offer. Their new marketing focuses on their unique location and growing educational programs.

"We looked at our region as an asset in a way that I think is different than we have in the past," Buckman said, "and we also reached out beyond Virginia, and so we reached out to more students and families in other states."

Because they are a smaller university, Buckman said Mary Baldwin has the ability to provide students with strong student-teacher relationships, and he believes that plays an important role in the application process.

"When I talk with students and families, I tell them very candidly, that's the kind of place Mary Baldwin is," Buckman said. "We're built for that, and so with a 10 to one student to faculty ratio that kind of relationship building happens because that's the campus we are."

Buckman said the university is excited to welcome more students to campus next year and hopes to continue strengthening its reputation in other states.