Man donates $12,000 worth of toys to kids in Harrisonburg neighborhoods

Armstrong said he purchased more than 100 bikes to give out to kids on Friday night.
Armstrong said he purchased more than 100 bikes to give out to kids on Friday night.(WHSV)
Published: Dec. 7, 2019 at 8:21 PM EST
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On Saturday, a man donated $12,000 worth of toys to kids in need around neighborhoods in Harrisonburg for Christmas.

Sara Lewis-Weeks, property manager at Harris Gardens Apartments, said last week a man came into her office asking if he could drop off hundreds of toys for kids in the community.

"This guy shows up at my office and says hey I'd like to come by Saturday to give out some presents and I thought, Is this legit," Lewis-Weeks said.

Adam Armstrong proved he was serious when he showed up to the apartment complex's basketball court with a 24 foot box truck filled with more than 1,000 different toys, bicycles, and scooters.

"I just decided that I was going to rent a great big box truck and we went out and got over 1,300 toys," Armstrong said. "We're just riding around to less fortunate areas and passing them out."

Armstrong said he got the idea a few weeks ago and just wanted to share some Christmas spirit.

He said he and his elves were also headed to Kelley Street in Harrisonburg to pass out toys but decided to stop at Harris Gardens first because he grew up there.

"Harris Gardens is close to my heart I use to live right here in Harris Gardens about 15 years ago so I decided to make this our first stop," Armstrong said.

Armstrong said when he was a kid he remembered having good Christmas's with his families and wanted to make sure kids living there now had one too.

"I mean to watch the kids, the expression on the kid's face I mean that's just priceless," Armstrong said.

Armstrong said he would like to thank Jose and his team at the Walmart in Harrisonburg for their hard work in building the bikes and making sure the event was a success.