Man projects George Floyd’s face over Lee monument at night

Man projects George Floyd’s face over Lee monument at night
Man projects George Floyd’s face over Lee monument at night(WHSV)
Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 8:17 PM EDT
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As questions escalate over the future of the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, one man is taking a unique approach to unite those grieving the death of George Floyd. For the past few nights now, Dustin Klein has projected Floyd’s face over the statue, as well as others who have died in police custody.

It’s the Robert E. Lee monument like it’s never been seen before.

“Black lives matter!” a crowd yells while viewing it.

George Floyd’s face is in the spotlight, overshadowing the Confederate leader.

"I attended the protest here in the park a day after the peaceful protesters got tear-gassed and I kinda just wanted to make an impact,” Klein said.

He projects images onto surfaces for a living, usually for business promotions. He says it was only natural to use his skills for a movement he believes in.

"Growing up here, I’ve always kind of felt like these monuments didn’t represent the whole city…All of us deserve an equal chance to live our lives and be free and exist in this world equally,” Klein added.

People have shown up during the day - waiting to catch a glimpse at night.

"We came here Saturday and we came here and just cried. We just cried,” Audrina Farrar said.

"It feels like a community. It feels like a group of people working together and caring for each other,” Brendan Riley added.

In addition to Floyd, others who have died in police custody are also projected for all to see.

"It’s turned into a really positive, healing thing and I feel like people have treated the space very well and have used it for grieving, used it to respect victims,” Klein said.

"Just to see how many allies we have, I’m so proud of my city. I can’t think of anywhere else that I want to live in than Richmond right now. I’m just so proud to be here. I’m so proud to be here for this moment,” Farrar added.

Klein says 95% of those who have given him feedback support what he's doing.

Right now, two lawsuits have been filed to block Governor Ralph Northam from removing the Lee monument as he promised he would do. State leaders say they plan to fight in court to have it taken down.