March weather statistics for the Valley

Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 7:02 PM EST
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As we approach the end of February, we start to think about an early spring. The month of March can be wild, bringing instances of spring weather, along with winter's worst.

Meteorological winter ends at the end of February, meaning climate statistics for winter also end. We start capturing spring statistics March 1 even though the first day of spring is not until the later portion of the month.

So as we the first of March arrives this Sunday, I wanted to point out some weather statistics for you.

Let's start with analyzing temperatures. On average per Dale Enterprise, the average high is 53 degrees and the average low is 29 degrees.

When it comes to mosquitoes and bugs coming out, March likely will not present that. Why? More than half the days in March temperatures dip below freezing so we do not have to worry about putting on the bug spray just yet.

Want to see flowers? Try April instead.

Cold snaps are still a thing in March. On average, temperatures dip below 20 degrees 4 days of the month. Based off the last 20 years, we have a 1/5 chance of single digit temperatures, and a 1/10 chance of temperatures below zero. Brrrrr! On average, our coldest temperature of the month is 14 degrees.

In terms of warm weather, that happens too. In the last 20 years, we have averaged 4 days of 70+ degree temperatures. A few years have seen 80+ degree weather. The average warmest temperature of the month is 75 degrees.

In terms, of snow. There's a good chance you will at least see some snow flurries. 19 out of the last 20 years, a trace of snow has fallen in March.

The last 9 years, we have recorded over an inch of snow and 4 out of the last 7 years have seen more than 6 inches.

There are outliers too. We have 1/10 chance to see over a foot of snow based off the last 20 years of data.

Highs winds also gets an important mention in March. 2 out of the last 3 years, significant wind events have occurred. This correlates with wildfire season as well.

It's not time to give up yet snow lovers!

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