Mary Baldwin College appoints new deans, plans a name change

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) -- As part of an overall academic restructuring effort, Mary Baldwin College appointed two new deans July 1, 2016.

Martha Walker, a French professor, now serves as the first-ever dean for the College of Arts and Sciences. Meanwhile, Joseph Sprangel has been given the title of dean for the College of Business and Professional Studies. Sprangel is an associate professor of business administration at Mary Baldwin.

The two will serve alongside two other deans as the college moves forward under a new organizational model.

"Mary Baldwin University, composed of four colleges, will really be a structure that reflects our various disciplines and programs across undergraduate and graduate work," said Walker.

The deans' responsibilities include overseeing planning and administration, providing faculty and curricular leadership, and representing the college externally.

Sprangel said the changes will help Mary Baldwin as an institution in the future. The college plans to add university to their title later this summer.

"You probably think, 'well, why do that?" said Sprangel. "I think it's going to put Mary Baldwin further on the map and it further represents what we actually are now as a small and distinctive university."

The college will also appoint a new provost, who will guide and support the four deans. Oliver H. Evans will serve in the position for the next academic year.

Mary Baldwin will officially change their name August 31.