Massanutten residents in final push to gather signatures to incorporate town

The committee of residents has gathered almost 900 signatures. | Credit: WHSV
The committee of residents has gathered almost 900 signatures. | Credit: WHSV(WHSV)
Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 6:26 PM EST
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A group of Massanutten residents is in the final push to gather signatures for a petition to incorporate Massanutten into a town.

Gene Hauze and others have been gathering signatures for the past few months.

Hauze said they've spoken with around 75% of the registered voters, telling them about the

. Hauze said they now have close to 900 signatures.

He said his original goal was a majority or about 770 signatures.

"And to get 900 signatures is just amazing," Hauze said. "You can tell how the community is speaking together with a loud voice to the General Assembly."

Hauze said incorporating Massanutten would be a historic achievement. He said there has not been a town incorporated in Virginia in decades. Hauze said it would also bring power back to the people.

"We're kind of actually going back to the roots of what America was founded on and that is that the local citizens can determine their own destiny," Hauze said.

The committee is looking at their next steps for incorporation. Hauze said now the election is over, they'll be reaching out again to their local representatives to see if they would sponsor a special act in the General Assembly.

If the act is passed by two thirds of each house, then Massanutten can be incorporated.