Meat prices impacting local restaurants

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Meat prices are on the rise as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. There's simply a strong demand for meat, but lower supply, with a number of large meat processing facilities around the country forced to shut down after outbreaks of the coronavirus.

This may not affect you as a restaurant customer, but it does affect the restaurants themselves.

"Prices on ground beef and flank steak... everything has pretty much tripled or quadrupled in price," said Steve Pizarro, restaurant owner and chef of Cuban Burger.

Steve Pizarro is one of those restaurant owners dealing with this issue, along with having to manage orders only through take-out and curbside pickup for now.

"So we feel really fortunate even though we're not doing as much business... I mean we're doing good quality business. You know, customers are happy. It's great to see people coming even though they don't have a place to sit down. They're still coming for the food which is a good thing," said Pizarro.

With increased prices in meat and the fact that business is down, the restaurant is hanging in there.

Cuban Burger is down to a third of their normal business since the COVID-19 restrictions have been in place, but customers have been really flexible to come out and support their business, just like many other restaurants in the area.