Medical Monday: Otoplasty

Published: Mar. 7, 2018 at 4:13 PM EST
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On this Medical Monday, Dr. Saied Asfa, from Asfa Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, talks about otoplasty, or repairing of the ear, and the different procedures that are available. Dr. Asfa says in general, there are two different kinds of deformity of the ear.

The most common type of deformity is a protruding ear, a congenital condition where a person's ears are sticking out. Dr. Asfa says the procedure to fix this must be done in the operating room.

The second most common type of deformity is trauma, which is acquired during a person's life, usually from wearing large or heavy earrings or putting in gauges. Dr. Asfa says this can be repaired in the office.

For more information about otoplasty, you can call the Asfa Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa at (540) 432-0303 or visit their