Medical Monday: Type 2 diabetes screening

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — On this Medical Monday, Dr. Nelly Maybee, an endocrinologist with Augusta Health, talks about type 2 diabetes and the risk factors for people to be on the lookout for.

Dr. Maybee says type 2 diabetes is the type that more commonly affects adults and it's the only people generally get screened. She says that type 1 diabetes often affects kids. When talking about risk factors for type 2 diabetes, Dr. Maybee says people need to consider obesity, family history of diabetes and certain medications, like prednisone.

According to Dr. Maybee, the screening for type 2 diabetes is a few blood tests, which can be done by a primary care doctor. She says it is usually a fasting blood glucose test, but she also says it's best to have more than one test just to be sure.

As for the group of people with the greatest risk, Dr. Maybee says those with a family history of diabetes, women who have had diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes) and patients who require steroids for treatment for diseases — like asthma or COPD — could be at risk.

Dr. Maybee says more than 30 million adults in the U.S. have diabetes, but nearly 7.2 million are undiagnosed. If you are concerned, she says the best place to start is your primary care physician.

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