Members of the General Assembly visit John Wayland, Turner Ashby

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- Some local lawmakers are working on school safety in Virginia, and on Tuesday, they got a first-hand look at schools in the Valley.

Principal Phil Judd expressed his concern over doors to outside possibly being propped open by students and someone entering the school through the propped open door.

General Assembly members Steve Landes, Tony Wilt and Mark Obenshain stopped by John Wayland Elementary School and Turner Ashby High School on Tuesday. They met with Turner Ashby Principal Phil Judd, school board members and resource officers.

Landes, who is a member of a select committee on school safety, said there was one part of his visit that he was especially impressed by.

"That relationship between the law enforcement community is so strong here and the school system," Landes said.

Landes said something else he learned from his visits is every school has different safety concerns.

The group on Tuesday discussed how more school resource officers, more mental health counselors and improving the schools' internal radio communications could improve safety.