MillerCoors To Receive $2 Million Refund For Misfiling Taxes

Published: Jun. 22, 2011 at 11:56 PM EDT
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Nearly 5,000 companies in Rockingham County, self report their taxes, including MillerCoors.

"We have to rely on what they tell us," said Lowell Barb, Rockingham County Commissioner.

Relying on companies to accurately report their taxes is just what county officials did, until MillerCoors filed amended returns and found costly mistakes.

"We realized this was a substantial amount of money they had paid in, because of their misfiling," said Barb.

A misfiling that is costing the county $1.9 million.

That's equal to four years of overpayment.

So, is the county prepared to give them their money back?

"Yes, we are prepared to refund the money. It's funds that should not have been paid by the MillerCoors company to begin with," said Joe Paxton, Rockingham County Administrator.

Paxton says the county is also prepared to write them a hefty check.

"That check will be made in one payment to the company by the end of this month," said Paxton.

Barb says the process of reviewing four years of tax returns has taken more than six months.

Barb suggests hiring an auditor to help alleviate future issues.

"When we mailed out all the business property forms this year, I put a notice in each envelope stating would you please make sure you file properly," said Barb.

Barb says he hopes companies get the message and that misfiling doesn't become a trend.

"I'm hoping that will help, but I guess we'll have to see," Barb said.

County officials say this isn't the first time they had to issue refunds due to a tax error this year.

MillerCoors is just the largest.