Missing cat found 10 miles from home, reunited almost a year later

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — The Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA takes in a lot of stray cats. They usually aren't reunited with their owners.

"Just the odds of any stray cat without a collar or microchip coming into the shelter," RHSPCA executive director Huck Nawaz said. "I think it's a national average of about three percent odds that it will be reunited with its owner."

In June, the SPCA found a stray cat in Dayton. Hoping to get him adopted, they named him McEnroe and posted pictures and a video of him on their Instagram page.

Brittney Lam, of Harrisonburg, saw the post this week.

"I was like, that's my cat," Lam told WHSV.

It turns out the feline dubbed McInroe was actually Lam's beloved pet, Dexter, who had gone missing in October of 2018.

Almost a year later, Lam had nearly given up.

"I literally patrolled my neighborhood, I walked up and down the street with my friend," Lam said. "At a certain point, I kind of thought, OK, he's not coming back."

Dexter was found 10 miles away from his home in Harrisonburg and reunited with Lam 10 months later.

"He just looked at me like where have you been? And why did you not come find me?"

Lam is happy to have Dexter home.

"If it weren't for the SPCA," Lam said. "I don't know where he would be. I mean, he would be dead."

It's almost like Dexter never left.

"Completely blown away that this happened and we're just happy to play a small role in getting him back with Brittney in his home where he belongs," Nawaz said.