More than 2000 toys distributed from Toy Convoy donations

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY (WHSV) -- The Harrisonburg Corps of the Salvation Army has distributed more than 2,000 toys, in part through donations from the 20th annual Toy Convoy.

More than 700 families received everything from bikes to food for a Christmas meal at the distribution event on December 16.

It means a lot to folks who want to make sure their family has a good holiday.

"This time of the year, we're on a fixed income and we can't do a whole lot so I mean it's important to our family," said Lori, who lives in Harrisonburg. "We got a lot of grandchildren and they look forward to mama and papas house."

The Harrisonburg Corps of the Salvation Army helped more than 100 seniors in need as well.

"It means a lot," said Lori. "It's very helpful to a lot of people that don't have nothing or can't get nothing."

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