West Virginia native astronaut on mission aboard International Space Station

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) — Morgantown, West Virginia native Dr. Andrew "Drew" Morgan is on a nine-month mission aboard the International Space Station.

WDTV's Josh Croup talks to Dr. Andrew Morgan, a native of Morgantown who is on a nine-month mission aboard the International Space Station (WDTV photo)

Born in Morgantown, he currently calls New Castle, Pa. home. His father is an alumnus of WVU's graduate school.

"There is Mountaineer blood running through my veins," Morgan told WHSV's sister station, WDTV, from the ISS.

Their full unedited interview is embedded below.

Morgan serves as a flight engineer aboard the ISS. He's currently on board with five other crewmates, including two Americans, an Italian and two Russian cosmonauts.

His full NASA biography can be found here.

To kids out there considering a life in space, Morgan offered some advice:

"My formula was very simple," Morgan said. "I chose something I was passionate about. For me, being in the military and becoming a medical doctor was something I was passionate about."

"The next thing is to pursue excellence in everything you do. Find that passion and go that direction to become the best that you can be at that."

"The last part is to be a good team player. Always be good as a team member or team leader. Those ingredients have led to a very fulfilling career for me."

"I would advise any young boy or girl to do the same. If they pursue that, it can lead to becoming an astronaut if that's what they choose, but it will almost certainly lead to a fulfilling career."

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