Mountain Valley Pipeline opponent in custody after locking self to helicopter

Photo: WDBJ7
Photo: WDBJ7(WHSV)
Published: Oct. 7, 2019 at 1:59 PM EDT
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The group Appalachians Against Pipelines has announced a new protest against the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the gas pipeline long under construction in Montgomery County.

The group says, "Early Monday morning, a pipeline fighter locked themself (sic) to a Mountain Valley Pipeline helicopter near Elliston, VA, preventing the helicopter from being used. A banner on the helicopter reads, 'DOOM TO THE PIPELINE.' Nearly a dozen people have gathered nearby to rally in support of the protest."

The group says pipeline crews use helicopters for multiple purposes, including surveillance and large-scale hydroseeding.

After five hours of being locked to the helicopter, the protester was removed and taken into custody by state police. Police are seeking charges that include a felony, tampering with or damaging an aircraft.

The anonymous protester said, in a statement, "I took action today in an attempt to slow the construction of this destructive pipeline project. If completed, the MVP will ship billions of cubic feet of natural gas to be burned every single day. This pipeline will inevitably leak, and many natural gas pipelines have exploded, killing people and wildlife. In times such as these, with the catastrophic effects of global warming accelerating at an alarming pace, it is imperative to act now. The planet is in crisis, and the ruling class would rather continue the genocidal and ecologically destructive projects of capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism, than address the largest existential threat in human history. It’s up to us to intervene — they won’t stop unless we make them stop. For a world and a future without exploitation, capitalism, and the destruction of the wild! No compromise!”