Move-in day begins for Ice House South

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — The Ice House South apartments in downtown Harrisonburg are finished and tenants are ready to move into them.

Tenants prepare to move into Ice House South | Photo: WHSV

Construction started in November 2018, and now the inside is completed.

Mary Messerley, the director of outreach and engagement for Matchbox Realty, called Tuesday the "long awaited day" as tenants will begin the move-in process.

"We just know from the past that we don't want everyone moving in at the same time just because we only have one elevator, so we're going to start with the fourth floor first today, which is just ten apartments," said Messerley.

The complex offered 38 units, which all filled up within about eight weeks, according to Messerley.

The units do offer some unique features like having bath tubs in every bathroom and draperies in the windows already. The building is also attached to a brewery and a few stores.

"When you live downtown, you have the ability to live, eat, sleep, work and play all downtown within the building that you're in, so I think that's the convenience of being in this particular building," said Messerley.

Each unit has its own washer and dryer, but this building has a laundromat built in on the first floor for tenants whose appliances need serviced, so they do not have to take their clothes out of the building to wash them.

All of the leases will have begun by Friday, and everyone should be moved in by then.