Neighbor saves 100-year-old woman from house fire

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RIDGEWAY, Va. (WDBJ) — When Shannetta Stone arrived to her 100-year-old patient, Susan Dandridge’s house, she instantly knew something was wrong.

Smoke alarms were going off and black smoke covered the windows. Stone dropped everything and ran inside to try and find Dandridge.

“I ran into the middle of the living room and you couldn’t see because it was black smoke everywhere,” said Stone.

The smoke forced Stone to run out of the house, where she saw Dandridge’s neighbor, Edmund Mitchell. Out of breath, Stone told Mitchell to cover his face with his jacket and to look for Dandridge in her bedroom.

“My first instinct was to get this lady out of the house,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell ran into the house twice but couldn’t find Dandridge due to the smoke. That’s when Mitchell remembered an important safety tip, to crawl under the smoke. Mitchell began crawling and feeling his way to Dandridge’s room.

“I was extending my hands out so I could touch, and then I felt this elderly lady, I grabbed her, I lifted and pulled her right by the door. Pulled her out of there with a cup of coffee in her hand,” said Mitchell.

Dandridge and Mitchell were able to make it out of the home unharmed.

The fire started in the kitchen, where Dandridge makes a cup of coffee every morning.

The Horsepasture and Ridgeway Fire Departments responded to the fire and the cause is still under investigation. The departments commend Mitchell’s lifesaving efforts.

“You never know what you would do in that situation until you are in that situation, and I just felt like it was the right thing to do,” said Mitchell.

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