Neighbors of springs hire legal counsel, file appeal with county

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Last month, we brought you the story of Seawright Springs and the concerns neighbors had about the project in Augusta County.

Now, residents are still trying to make their voices heard.

"None of our concerns have been addressed," Robin Hawkes, a neighbor of the springs, said. "Our concerns regarding the water, our concerns regarding traffic, nothing has been addressed."

Hawkes says the group of neighbors has hired legal counsel to help them because they felt like they weren't getting anywhere.

"Meeting with board members, meeting with the county, going to county board of supervisor meetings, and sending letters, making requests," Hawkes said, "and nothing changed."

Hawkes says now that they have filed an appeal with the county, the next step is going to the board of zoning appeals to argue their case.

"We'll be addressing the zoning issue," Hawkes said. "We feel like that is a particular sticking point here."

Hawkes said they just want their voices to be heard. She said they still have concerns about the traffic on the roads and the impact to the water.

"What we hope to have happen is that the board of zoning appeals will hear our case and take into consideration the concerns of the local individuals when they make their decision regarding this project.

Hawkes said another issue they have is that the company, Flow Alkaline Spring Water, is still allowed to work while the appeal is underway. Hawkes said that's a violation of state code.

The county board of zoning says that an appeal has been filed and that attorneys are involved, but they can't comment further on the matter at this time.