Staunton Salvation Army welcomes new officers

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Staunton's Salvation Army has a couple of new officers, Lieutenants Kelsey and Johnathan Meredith, who will be working to connect with the community and meet the needs.

Lieutenants Kelsey and Johnathan Meredith at the Staunton Salvation Army. | Credit: WHSV

"And we do this without discrimination," Kelsey Meredith said. "We love everyone that walks through our doors and that's what the Salvation Army does."

The lieutenants followed in Johnathan's parent's footsteps of working with the Salvation Army.

They traveled to Staunton after working as assistant officers in Roanoke, where they say they gained experience working with people in the community.

"Our experiences are very diverse, but it's also very much army rooted, so we know a lot about the army," Johnathan Meredith said, "but we're looking forward to getting to know Staunton, Virginia."

The two have jumped right into work in Staunton, and they say they are excited to see what's in store.

"We both felt God tugging on our heart saying, you know, this is what you're meant to do," Kelsey Meredith said. "This is what you're made for. And so, you know, you just, you can't ignore that no matter what."

Both of them are hoping to get to know the people of Staunton and build strong connections.

They say their doors are open and they are happy to help any way they can.