New pipeline study claims disastrous economic results for our area

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- As debate over the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline continues, five separate non-profit groups from Virginia commissioned a research firm to complete an economic study into the pipeline's possible effects.

Nancy Sorrells with the Augusta County Alliance called the results frightening. "We're pretty pleased with it, and a little scared by it, because it shows that the impacts are going to be pretty severe we think and forever," said Sorrells.

Dominion said the pipeline would save folks in Virginia and North Carolina $377 million in energy costs every year, but Sorrells said the pipeline will cost folks in Augusta County alone more than $30 million in property values and more than $150,000 yearly in property tax revenue. She fears what it could do to the area.

"There will be ripple effects that will spread out and that will be a loss of jobs, a loss of personal income, a loss of quality of life, and in many cases a loss of our resources --natural resources like water," said Sorrells.

State Delegate Dickie Bell said he isn't against pipeline infrastructure, but he wishes it were in a different place. "I don't think the company the size of Dominion would make an investment or come this far if they weren't determined to finish the job," said Del. Bell.

While the report was completed before Dominion announced a new route change, Sorrells said the new route through the Deerfield Valley adds even more mileage through Augusta County. "It would only make these numbers much larger," said Sorrells.

Concerned folks in our area raised more than $40,000 for this study.