New poll finds Trump trailing Democrats in Virginia

Photo credit: CNN VAN
Photo credit: CNN VAN(WHSV)
Published: Oct. 7, 2019 at 5:37 PM EDT
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finds that voters in Virginia strongly favor Democrats in the upcoming General Assembly election and that President Donald Trump trails behind Democrats in how Virginia voters plan to cast their ballots in 2020.

Key findings in the poll are that "Democrats have a significant advantage over Republicans on voter enthusiasm," and that they lead them in a "generic ballot test." They also found that Virginia voters prefer Democrats control the General Assembly by 17 points.

As far as voter enthusiasm, the poll put Virginia Democrats at 62% and Republicans at 49%. In addition, 84% of Democrats polled in the survey say they will "definitely vote," compared to 74% of Republicans and 75% of Independents.

The poll placed President Donald Trump's approval rating among Virginians at 37 percent. It placed Governor Ralph Northam's approval rating at 51%.

"It's really, I think, been a compilation of circumstances really over the last several years," Bridgewater College retired professor of political science Dr. David McQuilkin said. "People are simply no longer willing to accept much of what Trump is doing or they're not pleased with what Trump is doing or they're questioning past votes and would maybe vote against him come the next election."

McQuilkin tells us that Virginia voters in general are shifting to the left, but says it's way too early to tell what's going to happen in 2020. McQuiilkin also believes these polls are just an indication of how the public feels right now.

The Wason Center poll included a 2020 ballot test in which President Trump trailed a generic Democrat, 51% to 36%.

The poll also notes that most people were surveyed before the Ukraine whistleblower situation erupted.

Also included in the poll's findings were that 50% of Virginians would agree that the commonwealth is moving in the right direction while 32% said the wrong direction. Comparatively, 62% of respondents said the country is heading in the wrong direction, while 30% said the right direction.

Other findings included strong support for requiring all gun sales in Virginia to be subject to background checks, substantial disagreement with a move to make abortion illegal in Virginia, mixed reaction to single payer health care, and substantial support for raising the minimum wage to $15 in Virginia.

You can find the full poll results, as well as methodology and more,


Overall, the demographics of poll respondents included 30% in NOVA, 21% in Richmond/Central Virginia, 25% in Hampton Roads, and 23% in South/Southwest Virginia. As far as age, 49% were 55 and older.