New state law will require dyslexia training for teachers

Published: Apr. 6, 2016 at 6:42 PM EDT
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A new state law will go into effect next year, aiming to help parents and teachers identify the early signs of dyslexia.

The legislation, introduced by Del. Ben Cline, was signed on Tuesday by Gov. McAuliffe. It will require every teacher getting or renewing a license to complete awareness training on the indicators of dyslexia.

Jill McGlaughlin, who has two children with dyslexia, said proper teaching is needed because it can affect a person's life. "It just affects every part of their life, their self confidence, their ability to do school work, their ability to learn," said McGlaughlin.

Research shows about 20 percent of the population has some dyslexia symptoms, with five percent getting the right help. The bill is set to take affect in July of 2017.