New store selling hemp products, some grown right in the valley

Shenandoah Hemp Supply is selling some products made from hemp grown locally. | Credit: WHSV.
Shenandoah Hemp Supply is selling some products made from hemp grown locally. | Credit: WHSV.(WHSV)
Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 6:43 PM EST
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Recent legislation making the growth of industrial hemp legal in Virginia has made way for new stores, like Shenandoah Hemp Supply in Waynesboro.

Lee Magalis and his wife opened the store a few weeks ago in downtown.

"I feel like downtown Waynesboro has sort of experienced a rebirth recently," Magalis said. "There's a lot of new businesses popping up down here."

Magalis hopes the business will help people learn more about hemp and its products.

"We really try to celebrate the entire plant from the very top to the very bottom," said Magalis. "We're selling everything from the more supplemental medicinal side to hemp fabrics."

Magalis said he feels like people in Waynesboro have been open to the recent wave of CBD products.

"I think more people are going to want to explore this avenue, and potentially see if this is something that can benefit their health," Magalis said.

The store carries a variety of products, including some that are locally grown. Magalis said it's important to really know the product.

"I can shake their hands, I can see the plants," Magalis said. "In this particular industry, specifically with the CBD market, one of the main things people are cautioned against is buying products they don't really know where they're coming from."

Magalis said it's been a good experience working with farmers to help the community.

"They're a wealth of information," Magalis said. "They're very excited to do what they do, and they're also even more excited to be able to turn around and bring that back to their community."

Magalis said he's already seeing a benefit to people who have shopped in the store.

"They come in here, they try our product, then they're back the next day, the next week, and they're excited, they're feeling better, they're starting to get, they're getting control back over their life," Magalis said.

Magalis said they will add more locally sourced products as they become available. You can see what products they currently offer


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