New support group created to tackle substance abuse in Page County

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- A new support group has been created in Page County to help those who may be struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues in the area.

The group, called Turn the Page, is facilitated by Strength in Peers, a non-profit organization made up of those in recovery from mental health or substance abuse issues. It provides peer support services to others working toward recovery.

The new group was started at the request of the Page County Department of Social Services. It is also in response to Page Memorial Hospital's community survey that found substance abuse as the second most important health issue that people who responded to the survey cited. More than twelve percent of respondents said it was an issue with low income and financial challenges being the top issue at 13%.

Leaders with the non-profit say peer support can help with substance abuse recovery

"Our peers are people who've been there, they have past experience personally with struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues and finding their own recovery path," said Nicky Fadley, the executive director Strength in Peers.

All of Strength in Peers' services are confidential and some of the services can be mobile if someone can not come to them.

Fadley says that, while they aren't looking for huge numbers at Turn the Page, if just a few people show up, it will be worth it to the non-profit. Turn the Page meets at the Virginia Cooperative Extension in Stanley on Tuesdays from 10-11 a.m.