Newly elected school board members react to votes

Published: May. 2, 2018 at 10:41 PM EDT
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It's an almost brand new Staunton School Board with four new faces. Their slogan? Three mothers and a brother.

On Tuesday night, the community made their votes count as they selected Amy Wratchford, Christine Poulson, Natasha McCurdy and Ken Venable.

Venable beat out incumbent Ron Ramsey for the last spot by just three votes.

You can find all the local election results from May 1 at


"We all have a similar approach to the school system. We call care so deeply. Ken grew up here and so did Natasha," said Wratchford. "So it's nice to have that balance."

"Overall, I'm excited about it. Eager to get to work and do things for the city that I love and born in and raised in," added Venable.

Each new member comes in with strong view points on mental health in schools, the WRE program and the future of R.E. Lee High School and its name.

McCurdy will begin her term at the next school board meeting as she fills the unexpired seat.

The rest will begin serving in July.