No plans to restart curbside recycling in Harrisonburg, official says

Published: May. 23, 2018 at 12:15 AM EDT
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Residents of the Friendly City who wish to recycle will need to continue dropping off their items at a center on Beery Road for the foreseeable future.

A public works official briefed Harrisonburg leaders on Tuesday evening about the solid waste management program. Earlier this year, the city began taking trash to the Rockingham County Landfill after the facility it was using

it would no longer accept household refuse.

In response, a new drop off site for recyclables

in March.

Since then, an average of 20 people have used the facility per day, according to a report from Public Works Assistant Director Thomas Hartman .

They city is now looking at alternatives to the current setup.

But it does not look like curbside pickup would be on the table at this time.

"There's no plan right now to bring back anything different with recycling besides using the convenience center because of the quality of the recyclables that we need to have in order to market it," Hartman said.

In his presentation to city leaders, Hartman said the cost of recycling has increased due to market conditions.

The city's public works department is now researching how other municipalities are dealing with the increased costs.

The Town of Broadway, for example, elected to discontinue its program beginning in July.