Memorial procession begins for fire chief killed in skiing accident

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A memorial procession that started in Charlottesville led a fallen fire chief back to his home state of North Carolina on Tuesday.

Atlantic Beach Fire Chief Adam Snyder died after a skiing accident at Wintergreen Resort over the weekend.

The Virginia State Police escorted his body from the University of Virginia Health System, where he had his organs donated, to the Virginia-North Carolina state line.

Police closed off roads throughout Charlottesville so the procession could make its way to Interstate 64.

Members of the Charlottesville Department of Fire/Rescue saluted Snyder under an American flag as the procession passed them on Ridge Street.

Charlottesville Fire Captain Timmy Cersley said it was an honor to give this tribute to a fallen brother.

"We made contact with their fire department and set up hotel, lodging, anything they needed. We set up bunks here so their guys could sleep here if they needed to. It's just a part of the tradition and the service to honor a fallen brother and make sure that he's not left alone, that the family is not left alone and that we guide them all the way back home," Cersley said.

The procession included emergency vehicles from Atlantic Beach Fire Department and fire/rescue vehicles from across Virginia.


A fire chief from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina has died following a skiing accident at Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County.

According to a release from the Atlantic Beach Fire Department, Chief Adam Snyder died Monday at the University of Virginia Health System from injuries sustained in an accident that occurred Saturday.

Snyder, who was 47, had served with the fire department for 20 years, including 15 as chief.

He was also a U.S. Marine veteran.

The Wintergreen Department of Fire and Rescue posted on its Facebook page on Sunday about the accident, to which the Wintergreen Ski Patrol was the first responder.

Due to weather conditions on Saturday, Snyder could not be flown to UVA following the accident, though the Wintergreen Fire and Rescue routed an ambulance to a service access road where he could be picked up and transported by ground.

Local officials say they do not know what exactly happened to Snyder, but they are keeping his family, friends and peers in their thoughts during this difficult time.

Funeral arrangements will be made by the Munden Funeral Home in Morehead City, North Carolina.