One of several Mississippi tornadoes from Easter Sunday at least 2 miles wide

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 6:35 PM EDT
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Tornado warnings, 150 issued between Easter Sunday and Monday, this across 11 states. The death toll has now risen to 35.

The National Weather Service in Jackson Mississippi released new details on the strongest rated tornado from storms over Easter weekend.

The tornado that left a scar visible on satellite imagery, rated an EF-4 with winds at 170 mph. NWS says the patch was "at least 2 miles wide."

That incredibly wide tornado traveled about 68 miles.

Almost unbelievable, another tornado, rated an EF-3 traveled 82 miles almost parallel to the EF-4 tornado. The distance between paths was less than 10 miles.

For perspective, the widest tornado on record happened in El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013. That tornado was 2.6 miles wide at it's widest point.

A side note about tornado ratings:

Tornadoes are rated based on the worst damage found. So if along a path of destruction, NWS finds damage consistent with an EF-1 tornado, and a small area consistent with EF-3 tornado damage- the storm is rated an EF-3.

The width of the tornado path is given at the widest point. Tornadoes do not keep consistent paths that are the same through the whole length of the tornado.

So far, NWS has confirmed 77 tornadoes.Here are the tornadoes broken down by rating: (Keep in mind many surveys are still ongoing and some ratings may be adjusted)

EF-0 (winds 65-85 mph): 36

EF-1 (winds 86-110 mph): 21

EF-2 (winds 111-135 mph): 13

EF-3 (winds 136-165 mph): 7

EF-4 (winds 166-200 mph): 2

EF-5 (winds over 200 mph)