Orange fences placed around Confederate statues in Charlottesville

Published: Sep. 20, 2017 at 4:31 PM EDT
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Orange fences now surround the bases of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues in Charlottesville's Emancipation and Justice Parks.

"No trespassing" signs have also been placed on the fences, in addition to the black tarps covering the figures.

According to Charlottesville Police, the fences were installed by the Parks and Recreation Department.

These plastic fences are supposed to act as a temporary fix to prevent people from removing the tarps until sturdier fencing can be installed around the statues.

Over the weekend, the tarps were

and had to be replaced.

There has been a

and the City of Charlottesville for weeks, with the tarp being pulled down and then replaced, costing the city over $5,000 so far.

These fences are meant to prevent people from approaching the statues and tarps, and anyone who enters the fenced-in areas can be charged with trespassing.

Previously, the city could only charge people for removing the tarps if they damaged them or the statues.

The statues will remain covered until an ongoing lawsuit reaches a verdict. It's up for debate whether or not the statues can be removed from the parks entirely.