Organizers of 'Unite the Right' rally drop lawsuit against Charlottesville

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WCAV) — Jason Kessler, organizer of the deadly 'Unite the Right' rally, has dropped his free speech lawsuit against the city of Charlottesville.

The lawsuit was brought in November 2018 by Kessler, Identity Evropa, the National Socialist Movement and Traditionalist Worker's Party against the city of Charlottesville, former Charlottesville police chief Al Thomas, and Virginia State Trooper Becky Crannis-Curl.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs argued that the city violated their freedom of speech by not providing a safe venue for the Unite the Right rally on Aug. 12, 2017, where Heather Heyer was killed when white nationalist James Alex Fields, Jr. drove a car into a crowd of protesters.

The lawsuit said by issuing orders not to engage crowds, authorities allowed a "heckler's veto," in effect suppressing speech by the possibility of violent reactions.

The plaintiffs have moved to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice, which means the case could be filed again at a later date.

The court was served with the dismissal of the lawsuit on Thursday.

Kessler filed a similar lawsuit last March that was voluntarily dismissed in August.