Over 70 pets rescued from fire at Pet Paradise in Charlottesville

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WCAV) — Seventy-eight dogs and cats were rescued from Pet Paradise when a fire broke out Sunday evening.

According to the Charlottesville Fire Department, they received a call for smoke and flames at Pet Paradise, formerly known as Pampered Pets, at 6:25 p.m. on Aug. 18.

Within minutes of the fire being reported, Pet Paradise says its staff and the Charlottesville Fire Department were there.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they said there was smoke and flames on two floors of the building.

Multiple dogs and cats were taken outside by firefighters to be treated for smoke inhalation. The animals were transported to several veterinary clinics in the area.

There were no fatalities, but veterinarians did administer oxygen to some of the pets, and the company's Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jamie Pickett examined some that were in critical condition at emergency clinics.

Crews were able to control the fire by 8 p.m.

One firefighter was transported to the hospital for heat-related injuries.

All of the rescued animals have either been reunited with their owners, are staying at local pet boarding facilities, or are being cared for at local veterinary hospitals. Those being treated are currently in stable condition.

However, three animals were unable to be accounted for following the fire — Pet Paradise says two cats and a dog were missing as of Monday.

"At Pet Paradise, our foremost goal is the safety of the dogs and cats in our care. Yesterday, our Charlottesville resort suffered a fire, and two cats and one dog escaped during the chaos of this terrible event," said company President and CEO Fernando Acosta-Rua. "As of this morning, we have contacted all the owners and notified them of their pet's locations. We are hoping the Charlottesville community can help us search for these missing pets to reunite them with their families as quickly as possible."

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

If you are looking for information about your pet related to the fire, you can call (904)-363-3330 or visit the Pet Paradise website. The website also has photos of the three missing pets.

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