Page County to use anti-bullying app in schools

Once an incident is reported a school administrator receives a notification and is then able to act on it.
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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Page County Public Schools has started to enroll students in the "STOPit" App as a way to let students report bullying or any other incident anonymously through their smartphones.

Other school systems in the valley have already been using the app, including Augusta County Public Schools and Waynesboro Public Schools.

Page County School officials said they wanted this app to help report anything a student might find alarming.

"Students can anonymously report anything they see that might have to do with bullying or harassment," John Van Wyck, director of student services at Page County Public Schools, said. "Really they can report anything from threats to oneself or threats to others they might hear about."

School officials said the app is easy for students to use — all they have to do it download it with an access code, and then they can report.

One school system that has been using the app this year said it's helped report incidents the schools don't normally hear about.

"We're getting situations that happen on social media and in the community that usually we don't get into because it's not school related," said Douglas Shifflett, assistant superintendent of Augusta County Public Schools. "At least we know these things are happening, and we can hand it over to the correct person who can assist with it."

Page County Public Schools said all schools in the district will have access to the app later this week.