Page County Tech Center awarded grant to launch cyber security education

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - A Valley school is among more than a dozen in the commonwealth to receive thousands-of-dollars in grant money to kick start a cyber security education program.

Page County Technical Center was given $37,500 to create a computer lab to teach the subject to career-minded students.

Principal Roger Mello said those taking the course will be given credit if they choose to continue their education at a two-year or four-year institution, reducing their time studying after high school.

"We're taking a lot of course work for cyber security, for health sciences, and we're moving the first year of it here to Page County Technical Center, which effectively cuts in half the amount of time our students have to drive," said Mello.

The course will be offered through a partnership with Lord Fairfax Community College.

Mello said cyber security is becoming increasingly relevant, with some pushing for the Shenandoah Valley to become a cyber corridor.

"We're really fortunate we have many kids who want to make Page County their home," said Mello. "We want to ensure kids have the skills they need in order to stay here and we feel that cyber security is one of those skills."

Mello said the computer lab is expected to be finished in June.