Page County coach awarded for no-cut tennis team

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - The Page County High School tennis team practices on two courts at a park in the middle of the town of Shenandoah. But what they're lacking in courts, they're not in players, thanks to a policy Coach Comer adopted when the team started back in 2011.

"To be named a no-cut all star team means a lot," Coach Comer says. "You're talking about coaches all across the country and many of them are doing no-cut tennis."

Coach Comer is one of ten tennis coaches in the country to be honored by the United States Tennis Association for coaching a no-cut team. That means everyone is welcome to play.

He says this policy gives anyone a chance to become a good player.

"Players that start at the very bottom, eventually become our number one and two players," he says. "So players that normally would have been cut, we would have never seen how good of a player they become."

Tiffany Kibler joined the team after her friends introduced her to the game. She is one of 26 players on last year's team.

"It's a lot of fun," she says. "No matter what, good or bad, you get to come out and just have fun."

Having fun is the first of three goals the team wants everyone who joins to experience.

"Their top three goals would be to have fun, meet new people and get exercise. That's usually the top three goals across all the players. Having the no-cut team allows them all to do that," Comer says.

Only eight girls joined the team the very first year, and that number grows larger every season.