Page County student works to honor teacher going through painful time

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Students at Page County High School are coming together for a teacher whose child died of a rare birth defect, and one student is leading that charge after she says she's seen how her teacher has been affected.

PCHS Senior Bailey Dallas wanted to do something for her Spanish teacher Lynnsey Urgo after her child Finn died of anencephaly in April.

Anencephaly is a birth defect where a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year, about 3 pregnancies in every 10,000 in the United States will have Anencephaly. So about 1,206 pregnancies are affected by these conditions each year in the United States.

"Put yourself in her shoes, you just lost a child and now you have to figure out a way to live with it," said Dalles. "It's just hard to see someone go through that transformation of just pure grief."

May is Anencephaly Awareness Month, so Bailey is encouraging other students to wear green ribbons in support of their teacher on Monday, May 15. Bailey says she wants her classmates to know that this is a real disorder that has an effect.

"I pray for strength and I pray for guidance and (Ms.Urgo) found that all on her own during this time. I mean, it's heartbreaking to watch," said Dallas ."It changes a person, I can tell that she's been changed, but she's so strong, you look at her and you can't help but just admire her."

After graduation, Bailey plans to study nursing at Longwood University, and now a memorial fund has been created to eventually start a scholarship for a PCHS senior entering the field of medicine. That fund will also go toward donating a piece of equipment to Augusta Health and a memorial designation.

You can donate to Finn's Memorial Fund through a GoFundMe page here. You can also write a check, payable to "Staunton Alliance Church," designated to "Finn Urgo Memorial Fund." Those checks can be mailed to 560 New Hope Rd. Staunton, VA. 22401.

To specifically donate to the scholarship, you can also use the GoFundMe page or write a check to "Page County High School," designated to "Finn Urgo Memorial Scholarship." Those checks can be mailed to 184 Panther Drive Shenandoah VA 22849