Page County Board votes unanimously to become Second Amendment Sanctuary

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — (UPDATE: 8:05 P.M.) County supervisors unanimously passed a resolution for Page County to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

At Tuesday night's meeting, it was standing room only as supervisors discussed the resolution. Hundreds of people filled the hallways, stairways, and crowded the outside of the building to show their support.

Renee Bryant, who sported an orange sticker that said "Guns Save Lives," was one of more than 800 people who attended Tuesday night's meeting in support of the resolution.

"It is already our right, and it's really sad that we're coming here to defend something that is already ours," said Bryant. "This is our right and this is our future."

Yvonne Berezoski also favored the resolution.

"To me this is just a representation of protecting our constitutional rights. You start taking away one, eventually they'll all go," she said.


(EARLIER REPORT:) On Tuesday night, the Page County Board of Supervisors will discuss a resolution on becoming a second amendment sanctuary. One of the resolution's biggest supporters is the Page County Sheriff's Office.

On Tuesday afternoon, Page County Sheriff Chad Cubbage issued a proclamation on Facebook and declared Page County as a second amendment sanctuary.

"As Sheriff of Page County, my staff nor I will infringe upon those rights of the second amendment upon our law-abiding citizens," Sheriff Cubbage said.

Sheriff Cubbage said over the past several days he's received several calls from concerned citizens about their second amendment rights being taken away.

Although no specific legislation has been mentioned so far, Sheriff Cubbage believes now is the time to talk about it.

"I think that our voice needs to be heard in Richmond and I think it needs to be a very clear message," Sheriff Cubbage said.

Steve Rodgers, a gun shop owner in the town of Shenandoah for more than 30 years, said he thinks current legislation is already enough to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

"There are laws on the books right now when it comes to the gun checks and stuff," Rodgers said. "You know just use what tools you have now and just continue what you're doing."

Rodgers said like many gun owners in the county, he's a hunter and they appreciate Sheriff Cubbage showing his support.

"Hopefully, Page County does pass the resolution and make it another county in the state to be a sanctuary for the people that own the guns, " Rodgers said.