Page County woman honored in 2019 Summer Hunger Hero hall of fame

PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The non-profit No Kid Hungry recently announced its 2019 Summer Hero Hall of Fame, and a woman from Page County received the honor for participating in the Page County Public Schools Meals on the Bus program.

Kathy Jenkins is named in the 2019 Summer Hunger Hero hall of fame by No Kid Hungry | Photo: WHSV

Kathy Jenkins is one of 13 winners in the state of Virginia. She was nominated by Jenny Jeffries, who is the supervisor of nutritional services for Page County Public Schools.

Jeffries said Jenkins deserved the honor because she goes above and beyond to make sure children in Page County get the nutrition they need year-round.

"We're on here if it's rain, shine, it's hot, and everybody does it with a smile so if the children comes out, we greet them with a smile," said Jenkins, speaking humbly of her honor.

She has been a part of the Meals on the Bus program since it started two years ago. The program provides meals for any child in Page County throughout the summer months until they are 18 years old.

Jeffries nominated Jenkins and said she deserved it because Jenkins will call families to make sure they know where the bus will be and follows up with families when they arrive. She even puts her own money into the project to make sure the children have extra.

"Kathy is one of those people who does the work she does because she loves the work she does, and she doesn't believe it's anything special, but we wanted to make sure that the world knew that what she's doing makes a difference for Page County," said Jeffries.

Jenkins said the summer does not end the need for access to food for children. She believes she is doing exactly what she is called to do, which is to serve the children in her community.

"This program does exactly what we're here to do, which is lift them up, they've got a purpose. We're here to do that and we're here just to help them, encourage them and love them," said Jenkins.

The Meals on the Bus will finish the summer rounds on August 20, 2019, since school starts the next day. The goal is for more children to participate in the years to come.