Parents accused of refusing to give up custody of 6 children and running off with them

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PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) — The parents of six children in West Virginia were arrested after they allegedly refused to transfer custody of the children to Preston County Protective Services and ran off with them August.

Celina Sansone and Scott Nestor were arrested and charged with six counts of child concealment. (Picture Credit: West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority)

According to the criminal complaint, on August 20, a child abuse and neglect hearing occurred in the Preston County Circuit Court for Celina Sansone and Scott Nestor. Judge Steven Shaffer order Sansone and Nestor to give up custody of their 6 children to Preston County CPS.

Troopers were ordered by Judge Shaffer to assist CPS in picking up the children from their great-grandparent's home on Sennett Street in Morgantown. They went to the house and the children were no longer there.

The great-grandparents told troopers that Sansone called the children and told them to leave the house with an unknown person. The call happened immediately after the hearing.

Troopers tried to call Sansone, but her phone was turned off.

On Sept. 6 around 2:41, CPS workers called troopers with a possible location of the children, Sansone, and Nestor, according to the complaint.

CPS workers said the children, Sansone, and Nestor were staying in a wooded area off of Easy Street in Masontown.

Troopers searched the area and found a man-made teepee near a hunting shack. Nobody was found, but there was children's clothing and food items in a cooler around the area of the teepee and hunting shack.

A handwritten note from Nestor was found in a pile of trash near the shack, according to troopers. The note started identifying Nestor as the author and appeared to be a letter about unfair treatment of Nestor and his family from the Preston County Circuit Court and Preston County CPS.

Troopers noted that on Sept. 6 "the children, (Nestor) and Mrs. Sansone have not been locatedm nor has (Nestor)/ Mrs. Sansone attempted to contact officers with the whereabouts of their children" on the criminal complaint.

WDTV News reached out to State Police to find out more information about the whereabouts of the children. The family members told WDTVs, however, that the children have been found and are safe. It's unclear where they were found.

Sansone and Nestor have been charged with six counts of child concealment and are currently being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail. Sansone's bail is set around $120,000. Nestor's bail is set at $30,000.

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