Parents upset over visit of ICE agent to Waynesboro schools

WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) — Some parents are upset with the Waynesboro school district after they say an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent spoke to students in two classes last week.

James Wiley, whose son goes to school in the Waynesboro district, said several parents are outraged by the agent's visit, calling it a disregard for a large part of the population.

"It's all over the news...anybody that is socially aware knows what an ICE agent is," said Wiley. "My son knows, he's nine years old. He knows about the ICE agents, what they do, and what's going on at the's scary."

According to parents, the agent was invited to speak to a class at Kate Collins Middle School and be a part of a career fair at William Perry Elementary.

Several students reportedly left the classroom during the agent's presentation. One parent said they e-mailed the school principal and got a reply saying, "Thank you for your feedback."

During the public comments section of the school board meeting, Wiley urged the school board to issue an apology to the students that were offended. He argued having an ICE agent in the schools had a large negative impact particularly on students of color and constituted a prime example of a decision with positive intent and negative impact.

We reached out to Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Cassell. He said the board needs to gather more information about the situation before jumping to conclusions.