People in Harrisonburg come together for Global Day of Protest

HARRISONBURG, Va. -- Around the nation, and in Harrisonburg at Court Square, people gathered for Global Day of Protest and showed their support of no war in Iran and getting the United States out of Iraq.

People in Court Square gathered with signs on Global Day of Protest.

"We can be so much more if we break the military-industrial complex and together all of us here, we are the start of this and when we remain committed, we can do these things," Luciano Benjamin, a speaker at the protest, said.

Michael Snell-Feikema, an organizer of today's protest said he tried to choose diverse speakers and local immigrants who came from parts of the world historically subject to Western colonialism.

"We don't need to go over the cliff into a war that nobody would win, nobody. And the biggest losers would be the entire Middle East," Snell-Feikema said.

Snell-Feikema said he thinks the first step toward peace would be the United States military reducing its involvement in the Middle East and eventually withdrawing completely.