Petition aimed at resignation of director at VA Medical Center

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV) — One West Virginia resident has started a petition to get the VA Medical Center's director to resign or his employment terminated.

"He has failed the disabled veterans who have sacrificed their bodies to serve our nation," said Calvin Grimm in a statement on his petition.

According to Grimm, the director's primary responsibility is to make all patients get quality medical care and treatment.

That's a responsibility Grimm feels has been failed, thus prompting the petition.

Being a veteran himself, Grimm said, "Learning that fellow West Virginians were dying while under the care of VA medical staff we are supposed to reopened every wound I've tried to heal for the past twelve years".

WDTV reached out to the medical center's Chief of Public Affairs and Community Relations Service.

He responded, saying, "Immediately upon discovering these serious allegations, Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center leadership brought them to the attention of VA’s independent inspector general while putting safeguards in place to ensure the safety of each and every one of our patients."

He also said "Justice is now dependent on the independent investigative general's investigation."

Grimm's petition has a substantial amount of supportive signatures, but Clarksburg resident Nathan Hoover does not think the director should lose his job.

"Everybody makes mistakes and maybe he did and he didn't realize what he did and it caused some deaths, but i don't feel he should lose his job," Hoover said.

Army veteran Peter Cameon also did not bear any ill will toward the VA Medical Center.

In fact, he does not think Clarksburg can afford to lose the Medical Center.

"In Clarksburg, we need something like the VA hospital, understand? Even though they might have some problems, but usually they do a real good job, OK? If the veterans don't have a place to go, where are they gonna get treatment?" said Cameon.

The chief of public affairs said the VA is fully cooperating with the inspector general's ongoing investigation and hopes it will present detailed findings very soon.

As for Grimm, he has faith many more citizens, veterans, and their families will sign his petition and hopes those in power will be watching, listening, and heeding the concerns for Clarksburg VA Medical Center.