Petition filed to remove Strasburg mayor from office

STRASBURG, Va. (WHSV) — On Monday, some Strasburg residents filed a petition in Shenandoah Circuit Court to remove Mayor Richard Orndorff Jr. from office.

The petition comes after Virginia State Police arrested and charged Orndorff with DUI in July.

According to police, the 54-year-old was driving a John Deer Gator ATV on Route 11 when he lost control and struck the Strasburg Community Library.

Police said this most recent DUI charge is Orndorff's second offense within five years, and now, the community is demanding him to step down.

"I was sad, upset, and definitely concerned," said Christie Monahan, who's listed as the plaintiff on the petition. "I want our town to have integrity in the mayor seat. I want our town to look good."

Monahan filed the petition along with 112 signatures from town residents.

"You don't want anyone to ever hurt themselves, but it's more sad knowing that we have had this happen before," Monahan said. "It shouldn't have happened a second time...but it did."

On Wednesday, Mayor Orndorff's attorney, Phillip Griffin, sent WHSV a press release saying the petition is lacking in facts and invites the public to inspect Orndorff's previous actions as mayor.

"You will find that Rich Orndorff has put the citizens of Strasburg first in his public service life," Griffin wrote in the press release. "I would ask the citizens of Strasburg to turn a jaundiced eye toward this 'petition' and see it for what it really is, a political witch hunt."

Orndorff is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 19.