Police to lead clean-up in Harrisonburg neighborhood

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- This Sunday, police and other community groups will be rolling up their sleeves, helping clean up the city they live in.

Officers will work with neighbors in the Norwood and Hawkins Streets communities to pick up trash, cover up graffiti, pull weeds and clear out inoperable cars. They will also be working with other city agencies and non-profit groups to help the community take pride in where they live.

"Our officers, they care about the community they serve, so when we see an area that just needs some more resources and some help, our job is to identify what we can do, other than coming out here and responding to calls to help the citizens in this area," explained Brooke Wetherell, a community resource officer with Harrisonburg Police Dept.

Police say cleaning up the area will not only help community members to love where they live, it will also help to curb the crime rate.

Officer Wetherell added, "When someone comes into an area that they see is already not taken care of, then there's less respect given to that area by other people that come into that zone. So if we can clean up an area, then people are more apt to respect that area and take care of it".

The clean up will be from noon until 3 p.m. on Sunday, and everyone is encouraged to join in.