Positive response to citizen survey in Luray

LURAY, Va (WHSV) -- The town of Luray released the results of a survey this week to analyze citizen satisfaction in different aspects of the town. Categories included town opportunities, public safety, town services and community environment.

The survey had 185 participants, who ranked topics within each category either "great", "meets expectations," or "needs attention." Steve Burke, Luray's town manager, discussed the results.

An overwhelming majority found items in most categories were either great or meeting expectations, especially in public safety. Burke said he is extremely proud of the great ratings public safety received He said most people feel safe in their neighborhoods during the day and at night, as well as downtown during the day and at night and at parks throughout the town.

The category needing the most improvement was opportunities. Results showed a high demand for shopping, entertainment and job opportunities.

"Within not only the town but within Page County and we knew that going into the survey," said Burke. "A number of our residents do have to commute to find employment outside of our community."

Burke said they will be working with the Page County Economic Development Authority to bring new businesses into the community, which they say will provide more employment and shopping opportunities.