Powerful tornado leaves scar seen on satellite images

Tornado path visible on satellite image in Mississippi
Tornado path visible on satellite image in Mississippi(WHSV)
Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 6:55 PM EDT
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After dozens of tornadoes Easter weekend, one of the most powerful tornadoes left a scar that can be seen from satellite images.

The National Weather Service in Jackson Mississippi has given this tornado a preliminary rating of EF-4 with maximum wind speeds of 190 mph. Preliminary because NWS is still surveying the damage and the path.

This was a long track powerful tornado.The path length was 68 miles.

This particular storm killed eight people. The width of this tornado is an incredible 2.25 miles. That's the widest tornado east of the Mississippi river, and the third widest in the country.

Extremely powerful, violent tornadoes that are on the ground for a long time can many times leave enough of a scar that it can be viewed on satellite imagery.

In the tornado outbreak between Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there have been at least 100 tornadoes across 10 states. From Texas, to the Carolinas, and Maryland. No tornadoes touched down in Virginia.

The death toll is up to 34.

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