Proposed fee moves forward for stormwater control authority

County officials said homes around this area report flooding multiple times a year.
County officials said homes around this area report flooding multiple times a year.(WHSV)
Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 5:08 PM EST
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After Wednesday's Rockingham County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Lake Shenandoah Stormwater Control Authority moved forward on proposed fees to mitigate flooding in the area.

The average fee voted on could add more than $100 to each real estate bill for property owners throughout the year.

These fees would impact property owners only living near the Lake Shenandoah watershed, and could go into affect as early as this year.

Lisa Perry, environmental and land use manager for Rockingham County, said, the authority was created because of the ongoing issue with stormwater.

"In 2018, I think, more frequently than once a year, you would see homes that have flooding in their basement, crawlspaces, a lot of homes in that area have walkout basements," Perry said. "It's something that just tends to reoccur in the area."

The fees recommended are not set in stone, but are being used to tell residents what the cost may look like.

"The fees that were discussed at the meeting last night are not final. They are the recommended fee, but right now, its sort of a working rate we're going to use," Perry said.

Perry said the money will be used to go toward the first steps of finding a solution to the problem.

"The first part of this fee collected is going toward getting complete engineering and analysis to determine what the best mitigation strategies are, " Perry said.

On March 25, a public hearing will be held at the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors meeting before a final fee is determined.

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