Proposed plan would bring tax breaks for some Virginians

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — In Wednesday night's State of the Commonwealth address, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam discussed a proposal that would give money back to some Virginians.

Northam discussed his proposal to make the earned income tax credit refundable for families that make around $50,000.

Currently, that credit is not refundable, and the governor says the proposal would help families within that income range.

State Republicans are against the proposal. They say it would hit middle class families with a hidden tax increase.

Jarrett Gold, with Liberty Tax, says it would help lower income families, but a compromise would help more.

"I think they'll probably come up with some compromise so that it can benefit the lower income folks that are working hard, and then not put, not put undue stress on the middle class either."

The money for Northam's proposed plan would come from extra state revenue from federal tax cuts.