Purcell Park master plan survey results to be presented Monday

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — After more than a month and a half of sending out surveys to the community on the future master plan of Purcell Park, Monday night at the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, the results of the survey will be unveiled.

Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation is working on a new master plan for Purcell Park | Photo: WHSV

Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation has held various focus groups and a community forum to learn what the public would like to see in the park's new master plan.

Using the feedback from those meetings, they crafted a survey that was released to the public.

Project consultants, LSG Landscape Architecture and GreenPlay LLC, will be sharing information gathered from the Harrisonburg community through both a statistically valid survey, as well as an open link survey.

"If there are certain amenities they like, some that they don't like, different services they'd like us to offer out there," Michael Parks, with the city of Harrisonburg, said. "We've been looking for all of that kind of input so now that we've got that, we'll have a chance to talk it over with the community, show them what we found and start thinking about where do we go from here."

The presentation will take place on Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Simms Center. Parks said there is still no timeline on when the project will start.